RockMelt 0.9 Terbaru

RockMelt is a relatively new internet browser that takes an interesting approach to web browsing. The browser integrates the features of popular social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, directly into its interface. RockMelt has all of the traditional browsing functions but with a strong emphasis on social media. While RockMelt is a good fit for Facebook fanatics and Twitter addicts, others may not be so keen on this one-of-a-kind internet browser.

RockMelt was built on the Chrome platform, so it is compatible with Chrome extensions and add-ons and boasts similar, high-performing browsing speeds. The browser can initialize within four seconds and its average startup and navigation speeds are approximately the same. RockMelt also has many of the same basic features, including tabbed browsing, a built-in search engine and handy toolbar customization. The browser’s Social Reading is its standout feature. Its integration with media websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Gmail, CNN and more provides instant news and updates in a single click. RockMelt also provides automatic sync so you can access your latest updates and stored bookmarks from any computer.

As we would expect from an internet browser built on Google’s own browser, RockMelt has top-notch security features designed to keep your computer safe while browsing. The browser protects against dangerous phishing schemes and blocks harmful malware from installing on your computer.

The browser’s ease of use is one area we have mixed feelings on. We like the clean, simplistic design reminiscent of Chrome, but the layout, particularly how the browser displays search results, needs improvement. When you use the search bar to browse the web, the internet browser displays the search results in a column that pops up on the side. This feels intrusive and cluttered, and we would much prefer the conventional search display that appears in its own tab.

RockMelt is supplemented with a comprehensive knowledgebase but doesn’t offer much more than that in the way of help and support. There are no contact options to contact the company directly for technical assistance. There are also no community forums where you can ask questions and engage with other RockMelt users. The knowledgebase, however, is brimming with useful information, so the lack of other support options may not be too much of an issue. You can browse help topics by category or search the knowledgebase by keyword.

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